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March 2022 Report

A part of the company budget was spent on Ukrainian Army and Territory Defense targeted needs:

– For Military Base that protects us in Donetsk direction - $12 258 combined:

1)Quadcopter with thermal imager scope Parot Anafic USA

2) Quadcopter Hexacopter Yuneec H520E-SpecCombo YUNH520E-SpecCombo

Drones are already in Ukraine and will be delivered to Kharkiv in a few days.

– Participated in the wholesale order of medical turnstiles where our part is 900 pieces ($12 000). Expect arrival as early as next week and their transfer to different military units in Kharkiv and the eastern region.

– Donated to Roman Donik initiative, who is responsible for the supply of front lines divisions and Kharkiv defense office - 100 000 UAH.

– Transferred money to support medical battalion “Hospytaliery” - 100 000 UAH.

– Ordered 20 tactical helmets for the Operative Forces of Ukrainian Security Services, waiting for receiving them from Israel - $9 330.

– Our colleagues, and what is the most incredible, a lot of them from foreign countries, froze a part of their salary to add it to the company's account for urgent needs - and we gathered a great amount - $7400!

In addition to huge donations, they made to different NGO and volunteering initiations to support Ukraine.

So, we decided to support the Roman Kushnaryov initiative and added these donations to purchase 2 VAC machines (accelerates wound closure with vacuum effect) for 2 hospitals that right now are saving the lives of our defenders and civilians. The machines will arrive soon at their final destinations.

Now we're working on the new aims, set for April, to support more and more Ukrainian Army and humanitarian missions.

Pray for Ukraine.

Slava Ukraini!

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