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March 2023 Report

The monthly update with the results of the Charitable Foundation "SOCIAL INITIATIVE. AKVELON UKRAINE": $22000 were spent in March!

But first we’d like to express our gratitude to the founders of Akvelon and everyone who provides help for the non-stop support for the Armed Forces of Ukraine!


What we managed to purchase:


For the units near Bakhmut, Kreminna and Svatove:
- Tourniquets Sich, 90 items;
- Hemostatic gauze, 80 items;
- Bandages for open chest wounds, 100 items;


For the Air Assault Forces of the 4th Battalion:
- Components for the First Aid Kits;
- A pickup;


For the Main Directorate of Intelligence:
- A quadcopter drone DJI Mavic fly more combo;
- Blades for a quadcopter drone DJI Mavic;

- A night vision monocular AMG PVS 14 (2+) for the 92nd Brigade;
- A pickup for the 95th Air Assault Forces.


We keep on working to provide all necessary stuff for our fighters and hope that as many people as possible will join us!

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