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September 2022 Report

Achievements of the "AKVELON UKRAINE" CHARITABLE ORGANIZATION for the first month of autumn: $54,742 was spent to help the military!


1) Purchased and handed over medical equipment for ambulances and a military hospital:

- NP32Stan vacuum pump for wound therapy.

- Supply of consumables: containers, suitable large and small dressings for wound therapy.

- Two mobile wireless ultrasound devices, which can be used in the field and during an emergency evacuation, which is very important for identifying the nature of injuries and gives the opportunity to immediately direct help to the most critical injuries.

- Two portable heaters for infusion solutions, which are also used in the field, mobile hospitals.


2) Two all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicles were purchased and prepared for combat conditions: the mobility of assault, reconnaissance groups, and paramedics is one of our main advantages compared to the huge number of the enemy.

One of the Mitsubishi Shogun twin brothers is already working in the Special Unit of the NSU in the Kupyansk direction, and the other will be used by the assault group of the 92nd brigade, which often has to be pioneers.


3) Implemented assistance to our employees and their relatives in the Armed Forces:

- We handed over an MSI GS65 9SF laptop to work with intelligence, for the brother of one of our colleagues. We are proud of our employees and their families who directly defend the front, and are very happy to provide timely assistance and support the technological defense capability of our military.

- We handed over an inverter gasoline generator Würzburg Germany 2.2 kW for one of our colleagues who serve as a signalman.

- Purchased 4 FAST helmets and 4 HOLOSUN PARALOW HS403B collimators for a group of special forces, which includes native Akvelonians.

- For the other two helmets, our colleagues joined the gathering, and we were able to cover two additional needs and secure 6 soldiers together.


4) Worked out the direction of communication:

- Purchased 5 Starlinks for brigades 93, and 92, air reconnaissance, SSO, and air defense unit.

- Bought 15 pcs. Motorola 4800 for the 36th Separate Marine Brigade.


5) We feel the tremendous support of the whole world, our colleagues from different countries, and first of all the people of Akvelon and the top managers of the company.

Thanks to their incredible efforts in coordination and logistics, the following was delivered from the USA to Ukraine on the Eastern Front:

6 Vortex binoculars with 10x zoom. This is an important reinforcement for observation points, adjusting fire, and other military tasks.

Optics as well as 4 Motorola digital walkie-talkies were distributed to different brigades in the Kharkiv and Donetsk directions.


6) Bought 2 Mavic 3 drones and a set of additional batteries for them:

- 1 drone is now correcting mortar fire in the glorious 93rd brigade of Kholodny Yar;

- 2 works in a separate special purpose regiment.


7) Completed a request for demining kits for 36 OBMPs:

- 10 professional sets are already in the hands of specialists in mining and engineering support.


Unfortunately, our forests and fields will not be safe for movement soon, but we continue to work for a common victory!


You can also join and contribute to the desired direction of support: military, medical, or humanitarian.

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