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September 2023 Report

"Social initiative. Akvelon Ukraine" has donated $19,739 in September. We purchased and transferred the collected amount of money:


For the Zaporizhzhia Hospital:

  • Eight packs of Broxinac eye drops;

  • 17 packs of Norepinephrine tartrate;

  • 4 packs of Triombrast;

  • 1004 packs of gypsum bandage;


Together, it is a $1,737.35 donation.


We purchased 152 packs of Dexalgin for the Kyiv hospital - $1,069.50.

For the mobile hospital:

317 packs of Keydex - $1,286.55;

164 packs of Sangerab - $941.39;


We purchased equipment for an ambulance for Azov with the Smart Medical Aid help for $4,000.


We also managed to help:


  • 123rd Territorial Defense Brigade (Kherson Island). We purchased an EcoFlow Delta 2 portable charging station for them - $1,346.65;

  • We purchased equipment (autumn camouflage suits and berets, four sets) for the 128th Mountain Assault Brigade, which is currently deployed in the Donetsk direction - $1,611.44

  • We purchased Starlink for the 128th Mountain Assault Brigad  - $799.21;

  • We purchased 2 Alientech antennas and army buggies Vols for the 93rd Mechanized Brigade "Kholodny Yar" - $5,500


We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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