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December 2022 Report

The last month of 2022 was also productive:

1) We handed over the SB4-50 C IV compressor and Premikart 1F, 28 G Ref catheters (10 units) for newborns to the Zaporizhzhia maternity hospital. They were delivered on time because they were needed immediately upon receipt;

2) We handed over nasopharyngeal tubes (100 units) to the 47th brigade for providing first aid on the front line;

3) We purchased SAM Splint tactical tires 92 cm (20 units) and gave them to the 47th brigade for providing first aid;

4) We purchased a heater for infusion solutions for the 47th brigade and Tata Kepler in a car for the "Distant Villages" project;

5) We purchased 4 Burevii PB M5-1300-U4-500 charging stations for the 92nd brigade;

6) We transferred for the 92nd and 109th brigades:
- 6 Motorola DP440 UHF radios;
- 7 Motorola DP440 E radios;
- 7 batteries for radios.We’d like to remind you that everyone can contribute to any line of support on the website of our Charitable Foundation -

Together we will win!

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