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December 2023 Report

In December, we managed to raise $11,121.27 for our defenders. We purchased and delivered:


For Mykolaiv City Hospital of Emergency Medical Care (stabilization of injured military personnel):


  • Keydex inject 25 mg/ml, No. 5, 100 units;

  • Norepinephrine 2 mg/ml, No. 10, 20 units;

  • Omeprazole 40 ml vial, 20 units;

  • Adult diapers, No.120, 10 units;

  • Lidocaine 100 mg/ml, No.10, 70 units.

Total $2,405.16.


For the National Cancer Institute, specifically the department for treating military personnel in Kyiv, we purchased the following:


  • Keyver 50mg/2ml, No.10, 165 units;

  • Dexalgin, solution for injections, No.5, 10 units.

Total $2,256.42.


For the Military Medical Clinical Center of the Western Region, we bought Betadine, 10%, 1000ml, 38 units, $832.03.


For the 93rd Separate Mechanized Brigade "Kholodny Yar" we procured:


  • Backpacks 120L, 4 units;

  • Military belt-shoulder system, 10 units;

  • Pouches for magazines and grenades, 20 units;

  • Sleeping bags, 5 units;

  • Device for installing FPV launcher amplifier, 1 unit;

  • Welding machine, 1 unit;

  • Thermal imager AGM ASP-Micro, 1 unit.

Total $2,238.03.


For the 7th Separate Communication Regiment, we acquired:


  • Battery tester, 1 unit;

  • Charger for batteries, 1 unit;

  • Alpine rope for batteries, 1 unit;

  • Night vision system, 2 units;

  • Mavic drone batteries, 2 units;

  • Active headphones, 10 units;

  • RO injector 24V 1A, 10 units;

  • Voltage stabilizer, 2 units.

Total $1,695.81.


Cooperating with the Security Service of Ukraine, we purchased a Military Helmet and tactical headset for $416.13.


Cleaning foams and oils for weapons (16 units) and a gun cleaning kit (1 unit) for the 108th Battalion, 128th Edelweiss Brigade, $310.64.


We also bought an antenna amplifier for launching Alientech drones for the 32nd Mechanized Brigade, $756.35.

For the 56th Motorized Brigade, we procured a video helmet for working with FPV and an antenna for $303.84.


We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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