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April 2022 Report

The fighting does not subside, so the needs for the Ukrainian military are not decreasing and we need to constantly replenish stocks and restore the loss!

We publish a report that this month our team managed to transfer to the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and foundations.

- 2 cars:

1) Toyota LandCruiser came to us from Slovakia, which is already working near Kharkiv, where it is a hot situation. ($ 9,230)

2) Polish Nissan Terrano - went to the gunners. ($ 5,500)

- 2 thermal imagers Hikmikro / HM-TS03-25XF / W-OH25, for one of the assault brigades in the Donetsk direction. ($ 5,222)

- 2 Pulsar Proton thermal imagers: they have now reached the Dnipro, they will go to the position from day to day. ($ 4,547)

- Walkie-talkies, which are also already working in the east ($ 9,752)

1) Motorola DP2400, with additional batteries, software and cables for the mechanized team. V. Monomaha.

2) 24 MOTOROLA XT420 walkie-talkies for another assault unit in the Donetsk direction.

- Autel EVO pro drone, which is already active in the 93rd Kholodnyi Yar team. ($ 3,077)

- Plates and plate carriers for one of the volunteer special battalions of Kharkiv, we are waiting for delivery to Ukraine. ($ 6,700)

- Funds were transferred for humanitarian needs in Kharkiv for two social funds: Charitable Foundation "Social City" and "KHLIB MTU". ($ 2000)

We are holding on and working, everything will be Ukraine!

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