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April 2023 Report

We report on the activity outcome of the foundation "Social Initiative" in April: all planned items worth $19 000 were purchased and delivered!


For MEDOVAC (tactical evacuation medics):
Emergency Cricothyrotomy Kits (Chinook Cricothyrotomy Kit), 4 items
NIO Intraosseous Access Device for adults, 3 items
SAM SJT Junctional Tourniquet, 1 item
Celox-A hemostatic applicators, 10 items.


For the 23rd Independent Rifle Brigade:
Quadcopter Mavic air 2S, 1 item
Manual Thermal Imaging Camera ThermTec Cyclops 335, 1 item.


For Kyiv hospital:
Ulmer Drainage (with irrigation port) Fr24, 50 items
Medical product Linex, 100 items, and Decasan, 257 items.


For the 93-rd Brigade “Kholodnyi Yar”:
Quadcopter DJI Mavic 3 Combo, 1 item
Charging stations EcoFlow DELTA, 2 items
EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel, 4 items
Pickup tires, 4 itemsFor ДОФ (Medical Training Center):
Manikins for medical training, 4 items.


For the 92nd Mechanized Brigade:
Heaters for infusion solutions, 4 items
Medical backpacks, 10 items
Flexible Universal Splint М10, 50 items.


Currently we’re trying to meet new goals to support the military and medics. You can always join in and help by clicking the link.

Let’s work, annihilate enemies and remember that every small donation rescues someone’s life!

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