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July 2022 Report

More than $50 000 were transferred to our defenders in July, so here is our report:

- The founders of Akvelon Inc from the US gave very important and valuable optical gifts for the Ukrainian Army:

4 laser rangefinders Vortex

4 binoculars Vortex 10x50

3 drones Mavic 2 mini

A collimator "Aimpoint" and a sight for a sniper rifle "Nightforce" which are now working in Special Operations Forces in the Bakhmut direction.

- 3 drones DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo were also bought.

2 of them were purchased thanks to the company’s funds and one thanks to our employees who refused from the company's birthday presents and transferred money to the Military Forces!

One drone was sent to the 8th Regiment of Special Operations Forces in the Donetsk direction, the other one is working in Kharkiv region in the 92rd Brigade, and the third one flew to Kherson to the 105th Battalion.

- We also bought a wonderful sniper rifle "Serbu BFG- 50" that can operate within the range of 2 km!

Our colleagues from Akvelon were raising money to buy it and when a half of the amount was raised, one of the company’s founders donated the other half!

The rifle was immediately given to a Chevalier of the Order For Courage and The Orders of Bohdan Khmelnytsky of the Third and Second Classes. He fought in Donetsk airport, the Avdiivka industrial zone, Pisky, and now he’s working in the Izium direction.

- This July we chose to buy iron horses for the Ukrainian Army rather than go on vacation.

And we managed to buy three cars which will now help to hold the defense in Kharkiv and Donetsk regions!

A wonderful Mitsubishi Pajero Wagon for one of the reconnaissance units in the Donetsk direction.

Nissan Navarra (King Cab) for the 53rd Mechanized Brigade, reclamation unit.

Mitsubishi Shogun is being prepared to be sent to the front line for the 93rd Mechanized Brigade.

By the way, the car came from England and it was a Canadian John who helped to drive it to Kharkiv. He did it as a volunteer to show his support for Ukraine!

- We bought 2 tablets "LENOVO Tab P12 Pro 6/128" and gave them to the 3rd Air Assault Brigade.

- We also contributed to supplying energy to field units and bought solar panels.

Charging stations Ecoflow and solar panels were purchased and given to the 81st, 56th, 93rd, 92nd brigades and Kharkiv special unit Omega.

They provide charging for drones, walkie-talkies, phones and, of course, connection!

- We handed over Starlink to the 80th Air Assault Brigade.

- Our colleague, Vitalii Fomenko, filled up and packed 30 IFAKs for the 36th Mechanized Brigade.

- 5 walkie-talkies "Motorola 4400-е" were handed over to the 53rd Mechanized Brigade.

We’re really grateful to everyone who contributes to our cause, you’re all incredible!

We’re holding out, destroying the enemy, and remember that every small donation saves someone’s life.

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