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July 2023 Report

Your generous donations this July have enabled “Social Initiative. Akvelon Ukraine” to deliver more than $11,500.


We purchased for the hospital in Zaporizhia: 

  • 600 drainages for passive and active low-vacuum drainage of postoperative wounds and body cavities;

  • 500 packs of Dexalgin.

We purchased for the hospital in Kyiv:


  • 200 packs of Dexalgin;

  • 50 packs of medical plasters “Leofiks” 

  • bone cement Synicem for orthopedic surgery. 


We purchased for the 92nd mechanized brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:


  • 20 pouches for first aid kits;

  • 20 laryngeal masks.


We donated $2,000 towards purchasing a pickup truck for the 5th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine.


We donated $1,000 towards purchasing the DJI Matrice 300 Series PART02 control panel for the 130th Reconnaissance Battalion.

We purchased:


  • 20 boxes and pouches for PK machine guns

  • One portable charging station for 1,1 kW, 1400 Wh

  • 2 Alientech antennas for drones.


We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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