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February 2024 Report

In February, we managed to raise $10,703.45 for our defenders. With this amount, we purchased and delivered:


For the Central District Hospital, Velykobrutck:

  • Korvitin, 21 pcs;

  • Tivortin 100 ml, 40 pcs;

  • Omeprazole in vials, 40 pcs;

  • L-lysine, 40 pcs;

  • Reosorbilact, 40 pcs;

  • Levofloxacin, 31 pcs;

  • Thiocetam in ampoules, 27 pcs;

  • Neurocytin in vials, 8/2.


Totaling $1,999.72.


We also procured Kedex for Medical Battalion A 0233, 300 pcs, costing $1,092.61.


We purchased an Erbe ICC-350 Electrosurgical Unit for the stabilization point in Druzhkivka for $2,185.94.


We donated $1,000.00 to the "TAPS" Charity Fund for the production of warmers for chemical food heating.


For the Combined Arms Mountain Assault Brigade "Edelweiss," we bought anti-thermal cloak ponchos with MOLLE attachment, 5/1, costing $659.28.


For the Special Operations Forces (SSO) of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, we purchased a used engine head for a Volvo evacuation vehicle on 31/12 for $1,356.82.


We acquired an FPV antenna for drones for the National Guard of Ukraine, costing $742.68.

For the 123rd and 14th brigades, we purchased two zenith-searchlights for detecting saboteurs, costing $1,377.41.


We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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