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August 2022 Report

We keep on supporting our warriors in their fight for freedom and independence and in August gave around $54.000 to the frontline!

- We bought and prepared for the frontline two wonderful cars with the help of which groups of combat paramedics will transport the wounded from the contact line and transfer them to another evacuation points where professional doctors will meet them:

Mitsubishi L200, released in 2012, came a long way from Britain and from now on will serve in the 92nd brigade which is already near the Russian border;

Pickup ISUZU, released in 2010, of German origin, thanks to its body which is 180 cm long and additionally mounted KUNG (a unified body) will perform its functions in the 518th Separated Special Designation Medical Battalion.

A battalion medical officer Hutsul made a short video for Akvelonians and, on behalf of the whole Medical Battalion, thanked us for the help and the car which we called St Isuza in the course of preparing and transferring it to the frontline. We hope it’ll serve for a long time and save countless lives.

- Thanks to our company, we successfully satisfied the needs in technical support for Aerial Reconnaissance groups and artillerymen. We bought 8 tablets for the 10th Mountain Assault Brigade, and also satisfied the needs of the 81st Separate Air Assault Brigade and gave them 5 computers from our office! This will really improve the communication between units as the software can be used for correction, deciphering of the videodata acquired by the reconnaissance, etc.

We were really surprised but immensely delighted to get the letter of commendation for Akvelon from paratroopers of the 81st Brigade.

- 2 surveillance drones DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo were transported to the 36th Separate Marine Brigade and Reconnaissance Unit of the 92nd Brigade.

- Also, thanks to Akvelonians’ efforts and the company’s funds, we gave 2 thermal imaging cameras HikMicro THUNDER Pro TE2536 and walkie-talkies Motorola 4800 / 4400 - 6 items / 1 item to the 36th Separate Marine Brigade.

- We bought 6 blocks and 8 panels - electric generators Ecoflow + solar panels which provide electricity, charging for communication devices, and drones. These items were divided between the 51st and the 93rd Brigades serving in the Bakhmut direction.

- We purchased and gave thermal imaging camera Infiray(Iray) Finder 35R to the 127th Battalion of the Territorial Defense that is now in the Izium direction.

- The items that were bought for the military unit А0891, Radio Technical Brigade - AOR broadband antenna, SDR receivers, a laptop, coiled extension cords, routers, batteries, a charging unit, 2 5.5 kW diesel generators, binoculars Bushnell Marine Blue 7x50 mm with a compass and range-finding scale, 6 plate carriers and 2 convector heaters.

It was incredibly pleasant for us to get letters of commendation from military units for our company and directors thanks to whom this help is possible!

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