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May 2022 Report

Tempestuous May: this month Akvelon raised more than 2 000 000 hrn as charity to satisfy military needs.

We transferred $ 10 000 to the account of the Humanitarian organization "Крізь війну" - the funds helped to buy an unmanned aircraft system for airborne surveillance.

$ 2000 were transferred to the HO "Крізь війну" to satisfy humanitarian needs of the most vulnerable groups of Kharkiv and Kharkiv region.

$12 300 were used to buy helmets and bulletproof vests:

- 6 PASGT helmets for a military volunteer unit called "Слобожанщина"(Slobozhanshchyna);

- 4 PASGT helmets for one unit of the Ukrainian National guard;

- 6 MITCH helmets for a special forces unit defending Kharkiv region in Izium direction;

- 2 FAST helmets and 5 bulletproof vests of 4+ class Strake Face for the 93-rd brigade.

$ 5100 were used to buy 2 drones Autel Evo Pro 2, Autel Nano+.

$ 5000 were spent on 8 walkie-talkies Motorolla dp4400 VHF for the 53-rd brigade serving in south-east direction.

$ 8 400 were transferred to buy a car, Mitsubishi Pajero, for the 93-rd brigade.

We also bought optics for several units of the Armed Forces and National Guard of Ukraine:

$ 8 256 for 10 collimators Holosun, 5 AGOG type telescopic sights;

$ 5 260 for 2 thermal imaging cameras Iray Finder, AGM.

$ 720 were spent on brackets and rail mounts to attach optics to the Kalashnikov assault rifles.

$ 800 were spent on a switching unit, first aid kits, shoulder protectors, and slings for assault rifles.

We’re holding on, helping and keep believing in our victory!

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