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May 2023 Report

The last month of spring was really efficient - the plan of the charitable foundation “Social Initiative” was implemented and $19.000 were well-spent!


For the 110th Brigade we bought:
- Quadcopter Mavic air 2S;
- A charging station River Max;
- EcoFlow 110W Solar Panel;


For the 93rd Brigade “Kholodnyi Yar”:
- Quadcopter DJI Mavic 3 Combo;
- Magnifier HOLOSUN HM3X-T 3X;


For the 108th Brigade:
- Quadcopter DJI Mavic 3 Combo;For А 7354:
- a portable ECG machine for a medevac vehicle;


For the 92nd Assault Brigade:
- Kits for central venous catheterization;
- Canvas soft stretcher;For GURT:
- PVS 14 Harris 3+;For de-mining experts:
- A blasting unit "Vyhor";
- Helmets;
- Car coil springs;For Kyiv hospital:
- Active suction drains (with two tubes);
- Metronidazole, infusion solution 5 mg/ml, 100 ml each;
- Omeprazol, powder for injections, 40 mg each.


We keep on working for the victory, you can also join and make a donation by clicking the link!

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