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May 2024 Report

In May, we managed to raise $9,267.98 for our defenders. With this amount, we purchased and delivered the following:


For Medical Service A3309:


  • Scalpel blades - 1000 pcs;

  • Hygienic pads - 10 pcs;

  • Surgical drapes - 500 pcs;

  • Medical gloves - 1630 pairs;

  • Medical gowns - 500 pcs;


Total: $1,811.09


We also purchased infusion solution Albuven for Military Unit A0233, 25 pcs, for $1,722.46.


We bought an ultrasound machine for $3,768.84 for the Smart Medical Ukraine project.


We purchased a compressor for a Kamaz truck for Military Unit 1088 for $157.15.


We bought two armor plates for bulletproof vests for the 93rd Brigade, "Kholodny Yar," for $768.98.


We also purchased a $333.75 Lenovo tablet for the 5th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine in Kharkiv.

We purchased an EcoFlow River 2 Pro charging station for $655.71 for the air defense unit in Kharkiv.

We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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