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June 2023 Report

We started the summer by helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine for more than $40,000!


We delivered:- an ambulance to Smart Medical Aid;
- medicines to a hospital in Kyiv: Betadine, Colistin, Leofix, Caver, Diphenhydramine, Omeprazole, Rheosorbilact;
- 7 medical evacuation tourniquets for the 92nd Air Assault Brigade;We transferred:
- Sked medical evacuation tourniquets to MEDOVAC;
- 7 Hawk-1 infusion fluid heaters for the 92nd Airborne Brigade;
- 2 SAM Sling pelvic tourniquets to the 7353rd military unit;
- 30 fully equipped individual medical kits for the 7353rd military unit;
- 2 portable non-invasive vein detection devices to the 7354th military unit;


We purchased:
- 3 BuddyStrap™ emergency aid devices, carriers for the wounded, for MEDOVAC;
- 1 portable ultrasound device for Smart Medical Aid;
- a DJI Mavic 2 Pro drone for the 93rd Brigade Kholodnyi Yar;
- a DJI Mavic 3 Fly More Combo drone for the 108th Brigade;
- 4 tactical helmets and 4 bulletproof vests for the 93rd Brigade Kholodny Yar;
- a bulletproof vest for the 5th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine;
- a Pulsar Axion 2 LRF XQ35 Pro thermal imager for the 38th Marine Brigade;
- a Thermtec Cyclops 335 thermal imager for the 5th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine;
- raw materials for a volunteer who makes repellents for the front line;
- 200 liters of VeryLube gun oil for the A4548th military unit.


We continue to work hard for our victory!
You can continue to support our soldiers by following
 the link!

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